Jamie Oliver Reflection

Jamie Oliver mentioned a lot of different points, the biggest point that stood out for me was obesity. How we should be careful of what we eat, he also mentioned how children’s life span decrease because of obesity, basically junk food e.t.c.
My take away was his point about school food. If teachers teach us to be healthy and to be careful of what we eat, how come we eat the food at school that teachers are against?
This problem doesn’t just affect America, and England like Jamie mentioned, its the whole world. Since 2013 harmful food has spread miraculously quicker than a squirrel running up a tree. All people have to be careful of what they and their surroundings eat.

Economics Of Happiness Reflection Part 1

While watching the documentary in class (the economics of happiness). I wondered why people in the village got affected by the change since they didn’t seem happy after cheap food and other cheap supplies started to ship near where they lived. I couldn’t disagree with anything in the documentary since everything was true, it showed how so many bad products changed peoples lives some may seem fine but they’re bodies may not.

I mean the health of people’s body decreased by a lot after restaurants and other products started to produce non-organic and unhealthy foods. They also ripped people off by saying its organic and making it really cheap. When I was little I used to think all types of meat where healthy, after grade 8 preformed their exhibition they showed us how the meat from the markets where really made. While watching I never thought that fish wouldn’t be organic, I mean fish are caught by the nets and shipped to the market. The documentary showed since people’s inventions are polluting the ocean most fish are filthy and could get people poisoned by the oil or any other trash.

W6 Parent Blog

I am so proud of my daughter. She has finished exhibition well, she used her time wisely and had great ideas. I know that she will be ready for grade 7 without doubt. She has improved every skill level and Im really pleased. Good Job Nur!

Week 6 Final Reflection

Exhibition was probably the best unit in 6th grade. I never expected it to be so fun. Of course there were times that were just annoying and stressful, but it all turned out great. During exhibition I got the chance to learn more about endangered animals especially dolphins. The dolphin expert as well as dolphin therapist that i visited for my learning experience in the dolphinarium helped me by giving me lots information about where the dolphins in dolphinarium came from and how their daily lives are in the dolphinarium. I noticed as well as their behaviors they act like pets while actually dolphins are quite wild animals. So when dolphins get trained they don’t act like a dolphin at all, so I decided that handing out posters at büyükçekmece would be a responsible idea, and it really was.

In this project I have developed my risk-taking skills, inquiry skills and especially my thinking skills. How? Well with my risk-taking skills and inquiry skills i improved them from my action because I had to take risks if the people would be on my side or not. With inquiry skills I had to do two different copies one pile written in turkish because most people don’t know english at all, so that stressed things up a bit but it was over with quickly. I improved my thinking skills with my action station on X-day, by thinking of a dolphin net game which was honestly creative, looks like I improved on more than three PYP skills.

My action went so well, all my plans worked and I handed out twenty posters in five minutes, so people are actually willing to save the dolphins. Probably what caught their attention was my mom wearing the dolphin mascot costume. Well I had a switch of plans with my action, I was going to hand out posters at the Bosporus but the traffic was horrible, and the dolphin expert talk to longer than I expected so we decided to hand them out at Büyükçekmece seaside. I would not have done anything different for my action. Well I could have gone on a boat and said to all the fishers to be careful with their nets or a presentation at school. I hope it does so people would remember my posters that I gave to them, of course some people would probably not listen but it was worth a try. Yes, because now I can see that one person can actually do something to change the world for animals. My creative skills have improved also with my pinboard, because to plan how it will look will use creative skills more than any other.

X-day has taught me that the things you plan to do don’t always turn out the way you want it to, I learnt this by my game since people struggled with the race since it was on the tennis court, so now I know that I need to think carefully before I finalize my plans. Making my pinboard and probably the smiling faces of the winners of my game. A message for the 5th graders, always be yourself and use your time wisely.

W6 Mentor Blog

Chat about X day…

Everything is ready to go! Great job Nur and goodluck!

W5 Mentor Blog

The day before X DAY!

pinboard is finished with all pieces collected
hang animals on the pinboard area

To do
updating the website

to do tomorrow
video set up in the pinboard station
Set up the cones etc around the tennis area

W5 Parent Blog

Nur has worked hard and finished her pin board. I have helped her with her border by cutting out dolphin shaped stickers. I am really looking forward to seeing her pin board on X-day.

W4 Parent Blog

Nur has finished her action smoothly and now is working on her pin board. I visited Dolphinarium with her and watched her interview with the dolphin expert. She prepared her questions well and cooperated with the expert. I then joined her by wearing the dolphin mascot costume to her action which was handing out posters at Büyükçekmece beach. It was a lot of fun.

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